Friday, 28 March 2014


When I first met Prudence Aherne I was overwhelmed by her welcoming composure and friendliness. She was beaming with a true smile, immediately eliminating any doubt of false nature which is often found in competitive industries - one of which being the fashion industry. Having recently stepped up to the job of head model booker at Clyne Model Management, Prudence is doing a fantastic job. Her commitment and dedication to her models and their success is always evident ... and genuine! Having had her own fashion label in the past and having also worked on the TV programme Home and Away, Prudence Aherne definitely knows how to be successful. She is a women of influence and being her lovely self has answered a few questions for Weekenvy that leave you in awe and wanting to find out more. 

Click through for the interview … 

Thursday, 6 March 2014


Angela & Roi. A Designer Interview.

They are a couple that casually changed their lives one day with the single vision of each other and an idea worth noticing. The pair aren't your typical designer either. They have created a brand that not only designs  bags worthy of the iconic New York's Fifth Avenue, but a movement of kindness that will alter the path of fashion. Each bag they have designed has been intelligently categorised under a certain colour - the list of colours is extensive so I won't mention them all right now. They then assigned each colour to a specific cause for donation. Now this is only my opinion, but I am not going to lie, I am kind of feeling this idea. This is a movement that combines both my love for fashion, but also my desperate want to give back to those in need. 

So, thank you Angela and Roi. You have finally found a solution for the occasional guilt that comes with an unnecessary and possibly (too) expensive shopping trip. To find out more click through for the interview. 

Saturday, 22 February 2014


There are just a few things my bedroom is seriously lacking in - ok maybe more than a few things, but it is human nature to want more than you've got. Pinterest has me pinned in a serious dilemma (ha - that's a pun) - teasing me with the photos of clean white desks in clean white bedrooms, with large inspiration boards hanging above them, fresh flowers, stationary that makes work seem actually appealing and of course an Apple Mac computer. Bedrooms that I see in photos have more than everything I want for my own. I often find myself in a love affair with about five completely contrasting bedrooms - desperately wondering how I can combine them for my own, lonely one. 

Anyway I have put together a little ensemble of a few room accessories that should really make my bedroom their home ... ASAP!

1. Country Road Saskia Cushion $54.90 NZ Dollars
5. Bond N.9 New York Candles; Madison Square Park, $142.61 NZ Dollars Central Park West $142.61 NZ Dollars Park Avenue $127.05 NZ Dollars
6. Decorative Books; Graphic Image, Vogue Covers $117.97 NZ Dollars Graphic Image, The Great Gatsby $110.19 NZ Dollars Chloe: Attitudes by Sarah Mower $102.63 NZ Dollars
7. iMac Apple Computer 21.5 inch $1,299 NZ Dollars
8. A bunch of fresh flowers Approximately $75-100 NZ Dollars

I'd better get saving, cause being sans income isn't going to buy me much ... 

Love Charlotte. X

Image Credit: Other than mentioned above; image 7, image 8